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    Angry How do I download it?

    I apologize if this is a simple question but every time I try to download ACP planner I get a page asking me to provide my name and email address. Then I get taken to a page that says "looks like we've seen you before, Steve Crouch is already subscribed ... etc There are errors below. click here to update your profile" Trying to update my profile takes me back to the "already subscribed page" again so I'm stuck in a loop.

    What am I doing wrong?


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    Ah. you are a registered ACP customer (thanks!!). I just re-sent your license to you at the p***.o**.au email. In it you will find a link to the download page for ACP. The Planner download is on that page as well:

    I don't want the link to this page to be public. We collect the email addresses of people who download for the demo via that form you got when linking off our public web site, which then sends the link to the email you provide. We had to put the repeat filter on as we were getting many requests from the same people. Unknown why.

    Look in your license message for the link to download ACP and Planner.
    -- Bob



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