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    Default Straightforward question - how to move from focusmax 3 to 4

    Hi all

    how does ACP know which version of focusmax to point to ?
    is it the .ini file portion under the autofocus tab in ACP? if so with FM3 i can point to default system file and it works, but if I point to .ini file created in FM4 i get an error saying that ActiveX cannot create an object Focusmax.(something) and so I have pointed the .ini file back to the FM3 one and opened FM 3 on the machine.
    is there a step by step guide to moving to 4 if is it any more involved than creating a profile in 4 , saving a .ini file to FM4 folder and then pointing to such .ini file?


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    It is the last FocusMax that you started by double clicking. ACP just calls Windows for a FocusMax.XXXX. ACP has no clue how/where that comes from. There is no INI file involved. Those belong to FocusMax and have the settings for same.
    -- Bob

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    Thanks Bob
    I'll stay with FM3 until I have time to have a play with moving to FM4 and if problem re-arises I will let you know.



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