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    Default ACP did not run focus routine during startup

    I was collecting H-alpha data last night for an LRGB image. This was the only filter for the night. The script has an autofocus run using the prescribed filter at startup and every 90 minutes. The script started fine, but never ran the H-alpha autofocus. I restarted the script several times and it didn't do the autofocus. Eventually I did a manual focus and let the script run anyway. Not sure why it didn't run autofocus. Here is the log for the evening. Suggestions appreciated.
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    The most frequent answer is that your autofocus settings (exposure time, esp.) don't allow enough H-alpha light through. But without the autofocus log I can't tell.

    Also, please attach logs as files, not text dumps. Thx.
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    Default Focusmax log

    I have the log, but see a note that I can't attach files. Not sure exactly why.

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    The reason you can't attach files is that your support and upgrades expired last Fall and your access has been restricted. You posted into the section for help using this forum, probably because you can't see the sections on our products, for the same reason. I have moved this thread to the Pre-Sales section and we'll help you, but you might want to renew :-) :-)

    I was also able to recover the log text that you pasted into the original post and convert it into an attachment.

    As Eric Dose pointed out, trying to focus through the Ha filter is difficult. The right way to manage this is to use ACP's filter focus offsets. By doing this, ACP always focuses through Luminance or Red (typically) and when imaging in other bands, it moves the focuser to compensate for the focus difference of that filter. This can be a bit of a challenge on some systems, requiring you to make up a starter FilterInfo.txt with 0 focus offsets but brighter focus stars for your narrow band filters.

    The place to start is here, but feel free to ask for more help on this issue :-)

    -- Bob



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