Hi Bob,

It was really problematic for me this time around. Truly, it's my Frontier ADSL connection, supposedly 3.5 Mbps downloading, but rarely even half that. (In DC I had 50Mbps. I'm soooo Internet poor here in central NY.) Plus there are two others in the house right now also probably trying to watch other YouTube videos. It's a challenge, especially hampered by Fontier's crappy router part of the modem, which doesn't have enough power to penetrate a vacuum. And I'm on the other side of the house from the router, connected by WiFi and not hard wired with Ethernet. Next time I might run a LONG Ethernet cable from my computer to the modem. Enough ranting about this.

Beside the video interrupts, I only have three other comments. One is that in full-screen mode I don't know how to enter text into the sidebar text window, so to enter text I have to leave full-screen mode where the chat panel is available. I suspect that it can be undocked (maybe?) or opened in a separate window. The other issue is that the text messaging for me was far behind my typing, some number of minutes even. I think this is probably a YouTube issue and not related to my c****y Internet. Finally, when I first logged in, there were two choices of your program presented on YouTube, one above the other. I don't know if they were different. I chose the one at the top.

Maybe the typing hysteresis is purposeful. If the texts were instantaneous, everyone would be texting all the time and you'd be reading them all all the time. The Program would come to a halt.

It was nice to be able to see what I could, in any case. I imagine what you've implemented is similar to how online courses are taught. I will be interesting to see what goes on when you introduce a "guest" via Skype to this channel.

Thanks for all this hard work. It's neat!