Thanks Bob - that was a great test tonight. Quality was fine for me (cable modem), 720p was adequate for seeing your shared screen, although a bit small and fuzzy. Better at 1080.
Definitely a bit of latency in the chat to video. It's a bit like tape-delay - we hear you and see you, then type a comment, but it is quite a few seconds before it shows up... a bit hard to understand that is going on.
It was a bit funny hearing a G@d#D@!# from you while you were trying to mute the cellphone. ;-)
Books and stuff in background is fine, makes it authentic, not too slick. I recently used a green screen with RASC's 29 centres across the country, and although fun, performance wasnt great.

Topic-wise, it might be nice to have a few ACP tips, or customer stories, or "common pitfalls" and how to work around them. And for dessert, maybe a little treat of something you've just whipped up or are working on.