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    Default Need Test Subjects: DC-3 Dreams Live TV

    Edit: Next show Saturday Evening (USA time) 06-May-2018 @ 0100 UTC - Final "Test" Episode

    I have been working on a setup for live TV shows that will allow viewers to type into a real-time chat log that everyone can see, and also can optionally include a guest coming in via Skype (and possibly other VoIP type apps). It has been a heck of a lot of software installing and learning, and I think I'm just about there, at least as a first cut. I have lots of ideas for live shows, and I think I can effectively show people how to get around in ACP and Scheduler while responding to live questions. This will not be for tech support.

    At this point I'd like to ask for some folks who have time to "tune in" and send me messages live, then have me respond. Once I get used to that, I'll ask for someone who wants to join me as a live guest via Skype. If you're interested, Post back here. I should be ready to test this tomorrow (Tuesday), I just have a few more things to do. I have opened a new "branded" channel The DC-3 Dreams, SP Channel, and will be uploading the DC-3 Dreams Videos that are in my old personal channel to this one. I'll leave them there so that links to them will still work. The live shows will show in The DC-3 Dreams, SP Channel.

    1. You need a YouTube (Google) account and must be logged into YouTube in order to participate in the live chat.
    2. If you are unfamiliar with YouTube, or have never seen live streaming video there, you should get into YouTube and find some live video then practice getting full screen and high resolution. Here is a live streaming program to play with. If it's not live, look around or search for "Live Train Norway" in YouYube. Once you're looking at it, get the Chat window on the right open and watch the comments. Say something nice in the chat so you are sure you can participate.
    3. Now you're ready to watch a show!
    4. If you want to be a guest on a show, you will need a webcam, microphone, and Skype. I can also accommodate voice only guests but the video has more impact.
    5. Go to The DC-3 Dreams, SP Channel at the time I announce (here) for the live video and make sure the chat area on the right is opened up.

    Please post back if you'll be available to test and maybe a test guest!
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