Hi Bob

Just getting imaging again after a few months of time waiting for the TCS hardware of my telescope to be replaced as it turned out to be faulty and was causing some of the problems I was having.

Anyway things seem to be working now.

Just getting ACP up and running again and went to take some sky flats just now but keep getting the same error message.

Something to do with tracking. The Sky X is running and tracking , has been homed. Am not sure what this means. Says something about the driver and tracking.



ACP console log opened 08-Apr-2018 10:01:39 UTC
This is ACP version 8.1 (build 2, Product Version 8.1.1)
Licensed to Peter Brackenridge
10:01:39 This is AutoFlat version 8.1.0
10:01:39 Using flat plan defaultflat.txt
10:01:39 Starting dusk flats. Low Sun at 6:39:00 PM
10:01:39 Starting flat field acquisition.
10:01:39 Reducing slew settle time to 0 sec.
10:01:39 Flats will be acquired with Raw readout mode
10:01:39 Doing 5 flats in Halpha at binning 1
10:01:39 Start slew to flat area...
10:01:45 ** Rotator, GEM, and odd number of flats.
10:01:45 Adding one more flat.
10:01:45 Start rotate to PA 0.0 deg (raw rotator angle 293.4)
10:01:59 (wait for slew to complete)
10:02:23 (slew complete)
10:02:23 (tracking off...)
10:02:23 Property write Tracking is not implemented in this driver.
10:02:23 **Script Error**
10:02:24 Source: ASCOM.SoftwareBisque.Telescope
10:02:24 Message: Property write Tracking is not implemented in this driver.
Probably an error in the flat plan
10:02:24 Location: line 919 column 17.
ACP console log closed 08-Apr-2018 10:02:24 UTC