I posted this on the Optec group but thought it might be prudent here as well as ACP seems to be unaware of the disconnected rotator even though the image fails to start. See below for details please. I had first seen this back a month or so ago at SRO and thought it was a quirk with that system but then started getting the same issue at home. Seeing how those two systems are the only ones I see on a regular basis I figured after seeing the home one go this route it might be wider spread but I haven't seen a post here on this so here's mone.

I have been having issues with ACP failing to acquire images because the rotator looses connection. It is not an ACP issue, it is an Optec issue in that then rotator connects as instructed during the startup script execution but sometime after that looses that connection. For some reason ACP doesn’t see this as I can open the rotator tab and my choices are to disconnect , not connect. However the rotator appears to be connected in ACP. Now if I disconnect and reconnect I actually do re-establish connection with the rotator and can continue on. Last night I had 322 failure messages from ACP Scheduler and not a single image was taken. Looking at the logs files all end with the same message:

“12:39:06 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
12:39:06 Source: ACP
12:39:06 Message: The rotator is not connected.
ACP console log closed 26-Mar-2018 12:39:07 UTC”

I have found that having the Optec Pyxis Commander program connected and running seems to eliminate the issue but although I can and have added starting the program in the startup script I don’t know how to tell it to connect. The section for starting the rotator is:

if(!StartProgram("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Optec\\PyxisServer\\PyxisCommander.exe", 1)) {
Console.PrintLine("**Failed to start Pyxis");
throw new Error(0x80040001, "==== Startup failed, cannot continue");

Suggestions welcomed please.