I am not privy to the internals of the driver, but I suspect that it can only remember a single IP address. Even if you create two instances of the driver, I suspect it will look in the same (single) place for the saved IP address (set by the setup dialog). I did contact Todd Benko but he is not actively monitoring traffic on this. What needs to happen is creation of a second separate driver with separate Windows COM registration and a separate ASCOM listing for the chooser, and that one needs to remember its configured IP address in its own location.

Do for the second one, and maybe for simplicity for both of them, you'll need to use the UU.EXE command line app. If you need help scripting it via ACP's Util.ShellExec() function I can help. I don't have a DLI unit but I have the doc and can give you something that is close to right or maybe will just work.