Hi Carl,

I don't have the definitive answer for you, but the ASCOM Standards organization doesn't distribute a driver with the handle of ASCOM.DigitalLoggersPro.Switch. I'm not sure it's just a matter of changing the name either, since there seems to be some discussion on the forum about whether the two switches operate the same way. Here's a thread that started four years ago, and the most recent posts leave the question up in the air about whether the 7 and the Pro are driven the same way. I tried to compare the user's guides for both but got distracted and never chased this to ground.


If they so work the same way, you should be able to use the same ASCOM driver for both - just calling them by different names. So:

PWC = new ActiveXObject("ASCOM.DigitalLoggers.Switch");
PWCPro = new ActiveXObject("ASCOM.DigitalLoggers.Switch");