Bob Denny;
I saw you post on the Bisque forum about the recent Window 10 update that impacted ASCOM and TheSkyX-Pro operations.
Your initial post of 7 Jan. 2018 showed a Manual Work Around to address this problem.
Your update to the 7 Jan post on 17 Jan showed a fix by using FixDCOM.exe.

Q1??; Is the FixDCOM used along with the Manual Work Around? Or use FixDCOM instead of the The Manual Work Around?

This past December I upgraded my observatory to a Paramount MyT. What a difference it makes. I spent most of Dec 2017 using the full Camera-Add-On to perform all my operations. This January, I started integrating my use of CCD Commander to automate my imaging sessions. I was setup to use X2. My normal use of CCDC (past 5 years) was to use TSX as observatory control and used the older ASCOM The Sky Controlled Telescope, FocusMax, MaximDl and QSI ccd camera and RoboFocus. But when I began to point much of CCDC to use the TSX features, I found that these external apps would not connect with TSX. I would get messages like, "TSX selected, but does not appear to installed."
Also Micorsoft has installed the 1709 update about a week ago.

I have tried starting the various apps with Start as Administrator. But no fix.

Thank You Bob;
Phillip Marshall

Q2??; Is my problem with the astro apps that use ASCOM X2 to connect to TSX, caused by the Windows 10 update? Should I try your FixDCOM?

Q3??; Would I have this problem I used your automation program?