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    Default TheSky Quick Capture DOA

    For some reason, I'm now having a problem with TheSkyX Quick Capture FOV.

    It returns 0,0,999. I've tried "run as administrator" etc.

    It was working a couple of weeks or so ago.

    Is this one of the side affects from that train wreck update from Microsoft?

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    Most likely. It needs to do an inbound connect to TheSky and interact. It's not going through the ASCOM telescope driver though. Instead it is connecting directly to the Software Bisque proprietary scripting API provided to automate operations of TheSky. It appears that the KB4056898 update has caused non-ASCOM problems with TheSky X. Here is a thread on the Software Bisque forum. It's long and it took them some time to realize that there are problems beyond the ASCOM Telescope one.
    -- Bob

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    I thought I would reply here.

    I installed the newest Daily Build of TheSkyX, which I think was released on Jan 26th and it resolved this particular issue.

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go grab it and test things here. Thanks Matt!
    -- Bob



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