I am testing with the OnStep goto system on my mount (Gemini G42 Observatory+) as a potential replacement of my current mount controller.
See this site for more information about it:
I am using the latest OnStep 1.38 ASCOM driver on a Windows 7 system.

When I set this driver in TheSkyX or MaximDL6, it works fine, goto’s etc. are working as expected.

When I set this driver in ACP Observatory Control, I configure the ASCOM driver settings and click OK.
Then ACP displays a message that it is trying to connect to the scope, nothing happens (waited for more than 90 minutes).
When I click on Telescope > Connect a message box is displayed with “On_Cue_On_Step” in its title bar and this message: “Telescope, error turning tracking off”.


The COR indicator in the ACP Observatory Control Software screen is blinking green
When I click OK in the message box the message disappears and the COR indicator turns white.
After that nothing happens.


All help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Emiel Kempen.