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    * This all relates to Windows 10 only, not Windows 7/8/8.1
    * This affects inbound connections to EXE based drivers and programs with APIs. DLL based drivers are not affected.
    * If you have not yet updated your Windows 10 to the Fall Creators Update v1709 but are still on the old Windows 10 v1703, you will get this patch as a slightly different KB number. It's still the January 2018 Security rollup. But you may not have any trouble at all. Therefore ...
    * There are several workarounds circulating that include uninstalling the KB4057892. It will just get installed again. Then there is one that recommends using a tool to hide the patch from Windows. Not a good idea as this one may be a prerequisite to future patches and you'll end up not getting those or they may fail. Then you could have a mess. Another one suggests using the Windows Update settings to Pause updates, which will stop patches for a month or so, then uninstalling this KB patch. These just prolong the inevitable. By doing the DCOMCNFG changes you are making a permanent workaround that is harmless for future usage.


    We had one gent report that he could not find the EQMOD listed in DCOMCNFG. While analyzing this further today (see below) we found that there is a 32-bit DCOMCNFG which will see 32-bit-only components. We have updated the workaround post on our Comm Center with additional instructions for getting the 32-bit DCOMCNFG running. In short:

    1. Open a CMD shell (cmd.exe)
    2. Enter the command C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\mmc comexp.msc /32

    You will see a DCOMCNFG open that looks just like the original one, but may contain a listing for your troublesome component.

    MaxIm DL is listed in the 32-bit one only as MaxIm.CCDCamera. FYI TheSky X is listed twice, as TheSkyX and TheSkyXAdaptor, and these show in the 64-bit one. Changing in the 64-bit one makes the changes to both 64- and 32-bit info.


    Today we analyzed this issue further and have found that it is related to the DCOM permissions which were added to ASCOM components 10 years ago in order to make them compatible with TheSky 6, which uses DCOM for the old SB Internet Astronomy Suite. Those LocalServer components which do not have DCOM compatibility info registered with them will accept inbound connections with no problems. This is why some things work and some don't. Unfortunately, the Installer Generator tool for ASCOM driver developers has this DCOM stuff baked in. Rather than risk compatibility problems with TheSky 6 (and yes there are still people using it), the right way to fix this is to change the DCOM authentication level as described in our article, and doing this within the Installer Generator.
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    -- Bob



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