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    Default Camera getting stuck while taking 2-second expimmediately after filter change

    Transferring a problem I have posted on MaxIm DL's support forums over to here. Original ticket is

    In summary, MaxIm DL appears to get hung up on taking a 2-second exposure during the auto-center portion of an ACP periodic-autofocus routine. I have observed it on two different computers, in MaxIm DL 5.24, MaxIm DL 6.13, and MaxIm DL 6.16, including both "true" and "false" settings for camera "run on separate thread". I have tried different USB hubs, different USB cables. Same results. Camera is Alta U16M. FocusMax 4.x. Deep Sky Instruments RC14C focuser.

    It happens most often on the second Autofocus of the evening (I have ACP autofocusing every 2 hours) and rarely on the first autofocus. i.e. ACP Scheduler will start things up for the evening, autofocus (which usually works), execute the first two plans (plans are one hour long), then attempt an autofocus again (because 2 hours have elapsed since the previous autofocus). On the first 2-sec exposure of this autofocus routine (which is the auto-center portion of the routine), MaxIm appears to hang after the two seconds of exposure. If I press "Stop" on MaxIm's camera control or tell ACP to Abort (which I believe sends a stop to MaxIm), MaxIm will indeed stop the 2-sec exposure hangup.

    I have attached four AutoFocus log files. These are from two different nights. The first log file from each night you'll see success. The second log file from each night you'll see where I had to interrupt things (pressing stop on MaxIm DL camera control).

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