This was posted on the SGP forum and I was wondering about it's accuracy:

"Some further info -- a good friend and fellow astronomer is also an experienced COM developer and he says the problem lies in the coding used in many ASCOM drivers.Microsoft closed a known security flaw in COM and that caused improperly written ASCOM drivers to fail. He does not think Microsoft will make any changes or roll backs and it will be up to the ASCOM driver developers to fix the problem and release new versions."

Is it indeed a flaw in some of the drivers that, combined with the W 10 update, caused these issues? If so, If so, I would assume it is up to the driver authors (not MS) to fix this? Or is that wrong? We tried Bob's fix for our TSX ASCOM driver issue (which kept guide signals from getting to the mount) and that did not work. It did work to roll back the update but that (if I am correct) is only good for a month or so before the update is forced upon us.