So Windows 10 is going to be around and they are going to send big updates that make the user reinstall ACP and enter the key again. This time the settings on a Fork mount got changed to German EM and I have seen other settings get defaulted back. The people I work with get upset with ACP because the say it stops working. I tell them Windows Update broke it and enter key, if that fails reinstall again, they do not take that very well. The windows update cause variable issues and maybe there is nothing you can do about it. However if the registry is the problem, maybe it is time to get out of there and use the other areas that other apps use, roaming section under users or the ProgramData folder. This just letting you know users (at least the ones I know) are getting tired of it and there is no real good way to stop the updates Just FYI, that's all Some have gone back to Windows 7 which is maybe the only solution