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    Default Astro Imaging Target Selector/Framing Wizard/Plan Generator

    Hi Guys

    I've been working on a new ASP page to make target selection for Astro Imaging a bit prettier in ACP, and thought I would share it.

    The idea is quite simple.
    - Open a 'Target Selection' option on ACP's menu
    - Enter the name of the target you want to image
    - This brings up a copy of Aladin Lite, centred on the target - and sized to your scope FOV (as long as ACP is connected to the scope)
    - You can drag the image around to get the framing the way you want it
    - Fill in the number of images you want to take through each filter, and exposure length at the bottom of the form (with some preset buttons to auto-fill values that I happen to use a lot) and then press submit
    - This creates a target and plans in Scheduler, splitting the exposures into 1 hour chunks.


    It's a bit basic at the moment, and there's a few 'hard coded' things in the ASP file (for example, if ACP isn't connected, then it defaults the FOV based on my scopes, because I've not yet worked out how to get the FOV info otherwise). It also defaults things like binning and moon avoid, and it doesn't yet support rotators, but I'm going to keep working on it.

    To install it:
    - Copy the ASP file to the webroot folder (I made my own subdirectory in there)
    - Create a tiddler to point to the ASP file, and add it somewhere on the menu bar

    A lot of the credit for this goes to Bob - I've shamelessly copied a lot of his code to parse RTML and upload into Scheduler .

    Hope you find this useful. Any feedback or suggestions, let me know!

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