I know this is likely a hardware issue but I'm wondering if ACP has a method of reconnecting the communication with the rotator once it knows the rotator is not connected? I seem to have an intermittent issue where ACP is running fine and then early in the morning it losses communication and of course fails at every target attempt afterward filling my inbox with failed notices until it either runs out of time or targets. If I see this early on and it's still dark I can simply open the Rotator tab, hit disconnect, and then connect and all is fine again. That's why I believe it's a COM issue, that and I've had Sam at SRO check the power connector. But each time it has failed all I needed to do was as said earlier and reconnect after disconnecting. So if there is a means or method to reconnect itself when this happens it would save a ton of imaging time. Note, this doesn't happen every night but in the last 7 nights it has happen 5 times usually losing 3 or more hours of imaging time each morning.

I have been in touch with Jeff at Optec about this as well as Sam at SRO. I'm thinking it might be good to replace both the power and communication cable plus adapter to at least try something.