Looking at your MyOpenShutter code, and the log StartupObs-xxxx.log, it is clear that the ShutterStatus reports 4 (ShutterError) already when the function is called:

You can see that the first thing logged after the call to MyOpenShutter()

17:24:20 Open dome shutter.
17:24:20 ** #domeopen - Unexpected shutter status 4

Thus no calls to ACP for dome activity are made within MyOpenShutter()! That is why nothing is logged in the dome controller. This logic seems troublesome on several levels. I think it is trying to make up for the Dome controller reporting ShutterStatus=4 (ShuttterErr0r) when it should not be doing that. The 15 second delay after the call to OpenShutter()... why? And another 10 seconds, again for Shutter Error? I think the "problem returned" because the dome controller is reporting ShutterError (4) immediately when MyOpenShutter() is called.

The real solution to this problem is not to try to accommodate buggy behavior (reports ShutterError during "normal" operation) in the startup script. It is going to choke again later when ACP Scheduler tries to open or close the dome. It really needs to be fixed at the controller level, then the simple and reliable code can be used, and also the opening of the dome in the startup script can be avoided (so the Scheduler can operate normally always).