When I open or close the shutter using "ACP Dome control", it all works fine. I can just click "close" in any azimuth position, the dome homes and the shutter is closed. No errors are displayed.
The Dome Control panel simply calls Dome.Park and doesn't look at the status indications coming back from the controller.

You would not want to repeatedly call FindHome() like that. If you handle dome closing in your ACP Weather script like that, instead of using the built in "close and home when scope is parked by Script" (which should be OFF in this case), you could just call Dome.CloseShutter() which just calls the driver (if you have a "safe" roof/dome). I believe Lesve will home first to get power then close. Then the unusual status indications would be ignored. ALso you know for your observatory that Scope CLears Closed Dome (!!), so your ACP Weather script could be as simple as:

Sub Main()
End Sub
The only thing is that you won't know if the dome really closed because you would be ignoring the ShutterStatus due to the erroneous info. But what would you do if it failed to close anyway?