Hi folks,
I've created a little utility in javascript that will control a West Mountain Radio RigRunner 4005i power switch.
Here's some details on this bad boy:

WMR doesn't document the protocol or offer a utility, so I figured it out, and created this little program.

Let me know if you'd like to test it out, and I'll send you a copy.

It lets me turn on and off any of the 5 ports to supply 12VDC to my PC, mount, dew heaters, roof, and accessories.
The RR is great, because you can control it from a web page, like this:
I figured out how to control it from javascript, and so created a command-line utility that you could launch from your startup or shutdown scripts.
It will also report on the voltage it sees, and will give an ERRORLEVEL status of 1 if the voltage is too low.

You could also take the code and just stuff it directly into the startup/shutdown with some editting.

If anybody is a javascript whiz, would appreciate some feedback/tweaks for my code.

Also, it's been suggested I do an ASCOM Switch driver. I might need a bit of a hand with that... never written one.