Hi Dan,

Not a problem to help, if I am helping!!

First, one thing I may have misunderstood (not knowing the first thing about RigRunners) is that I think the url_page part of your "u" statement at line 194 and 247 is wrong. I told you to make it u = ""; when it should really u = ""; I would try this change right away to see if this fixes things. I'll bet this is the problem. If you are using username and password, then fix it so it looks like "http://username[colon]password@";in both places.

Second, at line 202&203, the x.open() statement, that needs to be one or the other depending on whether you use a username and password. A problem here could produce the second error you posted. The error mentions the configuration settings, which are up at lines 59-65. (I think username and password = "" does not work, as Colin suggested it might not.) Did you change these to match your setup? In this particular situation where you're using 5 arguments, the code fails (ERROR 3) right away - to me that says the x.open isn't working right. It wouldn't if "u" was wrong or if there were no username and password.

Third, at line 246&247, in the section of code that executes when there are no parameters (a=0), it's a little harder for me to see specifically where the problem is. Since the error reports status = 200, the error is somewhere in the block of code between lines 258 and 345.

I hope this is not too confusing. When push comes to shove, go back to square one and use Colin's original rr.js, and fill out the configuration items at the top of the script particularly changing the ip_address. Maybe it's a good idea to set up a username and password on the RigRunner.

If you try these things, and still have problems, please repost your latest modified rr.js script. (Are you using a username and password?)

Good luck.