After long delay, decided to try Maxim 6.14 (30 day trial). Was running Maxim 5.18 for years...had a stable system more or less. Is there a trick to getting 6.14 to play nice with guiding through ACP? Am running an Optec Gemini rotator/focuser and ACP 8, Win 7 system. Will calibrate guider in ACP just fine...will slew to object, it rotates, picks up guide star, has a nice signal to noise, goes a couple of guider cycles...and then the guide star disappears. I do have simple autodark checked in 6.14.

I heard some rumblings that 6.xx may not play well with ACP, not sure if this is typical or not

Also is seems that 6.14 does not like the "calibrate pointing exposures" to be checked...ACP returns "object doesnt support his property" aw

I have returned to 5.18, works like a champ...guiding fine, no problems...