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    Default ACP Planner producing negative longitude values for eastern location

    I have been using ACP Planner in simulation mode. I have just noticed that the longitude values in the plan for the Observatory Location have a "-" in front of them, but am in an eastern location. I have been creating them using TheSkyX linked with ACP Planner.

    I am assuming ACP Planner is taking the coordinates of the observatory from TheSKyX? I have checked the location details there and it says the longitude is East.

    in ACP preferences itself it is a positive value as well, but that probably has nothing to do with it.

    Making a plan manually in ACP without TheSkyX doesn't include the observatory Long/Lat, so I am assuming it is something to do with ACP Planner getting informatjon from SkyX.

    Am using ACP Expert; SKyX latest build Sept 2017 Build 11086 for Windows.

    I assume it wont cause any actual problem in running the plan but curious as to what might be happening.


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    I never noticed! And it looks like the sign is reversed compared to the usual convention. I reviewed the code for both TheSky Plan Capture and ACP Planner, and followed the value retrieved from TheSky via its DocumentProperty(1) call, then through to the code that writes the coordinates into the plan

    ; Coords: Lat = 39 00' 11" Lon = 114 12' 56"

    It appears that the value coming from TheSky has positive west and negative east. I hesitate to "fix" this in Planner as it really doesn't have any effect on anything (it's just informational in the plan comments) because some day they may fix it. I will report it.
    -- Bob

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    That's interesting they do that. I guess they don't want to live in a negative part of the world! Yes thats fine, I thought to check in case it was other values too that were being reversed that might be important. No matter then.



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