Hi Group,

Is there a tool to get image count and total accumulated exposure by filter by target on your ACP Scheduler targets? I mean total history, digging out all the log files on disk.

I've been running ACP in observatory located in Atacama Chile where you can have 240-300 clear nights every year. ACP has made it possible to fully optimize the utilization of the telescope and this has accumulated a great amount of images on great amount of targets. I'm mainly doing photometry, but when ever not shooting scientific targets, I've been shooting 'pretty' targets. Now I have these images accumulated over few years and would like to finally get into image processing. Finding out all targets and different images in hundreds of directories (new directory per night and per target) is a tedious job.

I would like to have a tool which should go through all log files and get me this information instead of me going through a lot of subdirectories and getting this information manually. Other option is a script/tool to get me this information going through all the directories.

Any idea/hint will be greatly appreciated.