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    OK, I hope this will lead to your using ACP there and becoming a customer. I know your partner Dan Duriscoe used it for a long time with the NPS. Hopefully this will do what you wish. Attached is a zipfile with the WSC (which you must register), a sample run log, and the sample observing plan that was used to check out the logic. Here's the plan FYI:

    #interval 10
    #binning 1
    #count 1
    #filter V
    Equ1 14 55

    #interval 10,15,15
    #binning 1,1,1
    #count 1,2,1
    #filter V,R,B
    #tag AltAz=160.321,55.567
    AltAz1 0 0

    #interval 10
    #binning 1
    #count 1
    #filter V
    Equ2 13.5 50
    Attached Files Attached Files
    -- Bob



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