I've just changed my dome controller to the one from Astrometrics.com ..... let me say WOW what a difference. TONS of very very cool new features and SAFETY stuff baked in. This controller, their Domepro2 is commercial in nature and meant to take a beating. Its ability to work with ACPS is seamless. Redundant this redundant that, awesome stuff. Not going to fail. Your dome will NEVER lose sync, why? Because they use RFID chips around the dome so it ALWAYS knows where it is...gears slip, motor does this or that...doesn't matter, dome is always pointed where you think its pointed. How about communication? WELLLLLL you can choose from a lengthy list of metrics to have it email or text to you....how cool is that? Service, well Bob Denny is the gold standard of course....BUT....he now has company!!!! Talk about responsive....give me a break just terrific. Ya know its so RARE in the astronomy equipment/software business to find anyone who OWNS their gear its REFRESHING frankly to see this. I hope OTHERS...perhaps others in say the mount business...will step up to the plate like Bob and Astrometrics.