I installed a new Optec Gemini rotator/focuser and I have been working with in ACP for several nights but I cannot get it to work correctly. I have been using ACP for years prior to this without issues. Before I was using the RCOS TIM. I just replaced the TIM with the Gemini.

Whenever I try to do an imaging run, it rotates after any plate solve. But the final rotation always is off and, of course, the guide star never appears (even though the we know that the guider off-sets are correct). I tried each rotation direction with the ASCOM driver check box, but it still will not work. The last image I did was 45 degrees off from what it should have been. I have not yet conformed that it always is 45 degrees off.

I did confirm that the guider is working by moving the mechanical angle manually and taking plate solves. For example, I do a plate solve at mechanical angle zero, move the rotator by 45 degrees and do another plate solve, and indeed it moves by 45 degrees, etc...

I'm not sure what else I can do from here. Any ideas?