What happened is that your very old PinPoint.dll was replaced by the latest one. Since you haven't renewed your support and upgrades, you aren't eligible for the newer versions. The error message isn't what you should have seen, so I am only 90% certain of this. At this point you have a choice: You can revert to the LE version of PinPoint that is in MaxIm 6 and lose CCDAP/FOcusMax support, or you can uninstall MaxIm 6 and I can restore your old version of PinPoint (if I can identify which one you had), or you can buy a year of upgrades and support from us for $69 and you'll get a license that will allow PinPoint 6.1 which will run fine with CCDAP, FocusMax,etc. and it will also run fine with MaxIm 5.x. New MaxIm with old PinPoint isn't supported but the newer PinPoint is fully backward compatible with the older MaxIm. The old PinPoint cannot be used with MaxIm 6 because MaxIm 6 uses features that were not in the old PinPoint engines.