I would like to determine the camera temperature at startup in StartupObs.js to determine a suitable minimum temperature for cooling.
For instance: if ambient temperature is 20C at startup, cooling to -20C will not work with my camera, I would have to settle for -15C and it would be great to automate this!
If I could read that value I could just subtract 35 degrees to calculate the minimum setpoint.

Is there a command like Camera.TemperatureRead or something similar?
At the moment the camera cooling script looks something like this:

Camera.CoolerOn = true;
Util.WaitForMilliseconds(5000); // For quirk in MaxIm 6.05

Console.PrintLine("Chill cooler to -20C");
Camera.TemperatureSetpoint = -20; // Chill the cooler

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!