Hi Bob,
I've been dreaming a bit... and thought I should bounce this half-crazy, half brilliant set of ideas off you.

Imagine this: say half-dozen scopes, one in each time zone (or for that matter 48 scopes, 1 in each time zone, and with northern and southern hemi coverage).
Imagine a ACP-on-steroids with a central scheduler/dispatcher that can queue work for scopes from sunset to sunrise, spanning the longitudes.
So, I could have a job that would run, getting me data at the sites with clear skies and object risen high enough to be imaged.
Sort of a "network" of scopes.
Or capture meteors from 2 different locations or more, by aiming at the radiant, and then later doing the analysis to determine where it encountered our atmosphere.

Or alternatively, we could have a "BOINC" like approach, where people with ACP-enabled scopes could have their local setup "call central" and say, have you got any work I could do for you. With a capabilities list, and conditions etc being registered, so that the "central" dispatcher could say, hey, that location / instrument is great for Omega Centauri, will send the job to it.

Just thought it might be worth kicking around some more... Maybe not on a semi-public forum like this, but thought I should dump it out there.
One of the ideas driving this line of thinking is a possible network of automated RASC scopes across Canada, with possible locations at places like SRO, Alain Maury in the Atacama, etc.
Colin Haig