about 1 year ago i started on the mission of completing the Astronomical League Arp Peculiar Galaxy observing program (image or observe 100 objects). as of today, i have completed 117 of them (and more with each available night). there were about a dozen of the larger well known "pretty picture" objects i had already completed in the few years prior, but with the help of ACP expert i was able to power through 100+ this past year. in general, i spent 3hrs (Lum data) on each object. some i added color but most are mono. this project would not have been possible without a few key items.

1. The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies (Kanipe and Webb)
2. CCDNavigator by CCDWare (Steve Walters). indispensable for creating ACP/Scheduler plans
3. ACP Expert Scheduler (couldn't happen without this)
4. CCDStack by CCDWare (Stan Moore) and Photoshop CC for post processing

Equipment (for the past year)
AG Optical 18in iDK scope (f/6.3, FL=3050mm)
Astro-Physics AP1600GTOAE mount
SBIG STL-11000M camera (guiding using the internal guide chip)
My backyard ROR observatory

i can't say enough good things about the power and convenience of combining CCDNavigator with ACP Scheduler. i have been using CCDNavigator for many years before it integrated with ACP so i have been a long time fan of that program. but by feeding plans into the Scheduler database from CCDNav, i can conveniently send new plans "anywhere/anytime" to my "remote" observatory and then Scheduler would take care of the rest. the fabulous thing about Scheduler is the way it can make good use of even the smallest windows of opportunity on a given night, working around moon light and adverse weather conditions. and the real work goes away compared to my pre-ACP imaging nights because i really don't spend time anymore planning "what am i going to do tonight?"

anyway, here is a link to my Arp galaxy. i will keep adding to it as more objects are completed. enjoy...