For several years I've been using Visual Pinpoint, MaximDL5, FocusMax, and CCDAutopilot. It's been a stable arrangement,
and everyone has played with each other very nicely.

Then, in a moment of insanity, I decided to download a trial version of MaximDL6, and it has broken my Pinpoint.

When I try to start FocusMax or Visual Pinpoint, or try to connect everything with CCDAP, I get the following message:
error signature
ModName: pinpoint.dll
Offset 0000992dl

The pinpoint.dll file is still here (where I suspect it has always been, in c:\\Program Files \ Common files \ ASCOM \ Pinpoint).
The trial version of MaximDL6 will plate solve with its Pinpoint tool, but these other programs that are supposed to connect to Pinpoint now seem confused.

What's the most likely way to get these things talking to one another again?