That’s a fantastic write up. I am in a similar situation where the dome is located couple hundred km away. I wanted to implement as many redundancies into the system as possible to catch unforeseen events. Regarding rain, my primary sensor is the AAG, but that is tied to the PC. I have a Hydreon rain sensor as well, configured to be my last resort in closing the dome in a rain event. The AAG is the first line of defence, triggering the weather script. If the PC has become unresponsive for some unknown reason to the dome controller, the watchdog on the dome controller will detect lost comms between the dome and PC. This triggers a closure 25 seconds later. If the PC is alive and if for some reason the AAG’s relay faults, the Hydreon rain sensor will trigger a closure via the dome interconnects at a predefined level of precipitation. The thresholds on both devices are at different levels. With the AAG more sensitive than the Hydreon. Hopefully the Hydreon responds only as a last resort. The goal is to protect the equipment in a rain event. I must say, I really like the idea of the water jets on your AAG. Something that I will add to my system.