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    Default Back in ACP World

    I have been gone from the ACP world for about a month working with other remote software mainly because I really prefer the SKy X camera addon. Maxim DL has always worked for me but now that I use Sky X why have a extra program sitting around that is really not needed. So here is the problem, ACP really is the best remote automated software in my opinion. Since it uses Maxim I will live with it. The reason I use Sky X now is because I have a MX+ mount and I am a really happy camper. I am always nervous changing what works but I have wanted a SB mount for quite sometime now. So I posted a test image and my screen shot. Almost looks like I am guiding on hot pixel, but that is a star. So back in the ACP world again with a new system.
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    Dean Salman
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    Hello Dean ... thanks for posting this. The thing is that while using ACP people don't see MaxIm anyway. It's just one of the parts of the "engine" under the hood, like the carburetor or alternator.
    -- Bob



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