Calvin College has used ACP to control our two telescopes (one in New Mexico, one in Michigan) for many years now. It has been one key to obtaining large quantities of data in a routine fashion on a regular basis. We have recently published an exciting paper that showcases what can come of such a data stream. Specifically, the paper reports a study of over 32,000 images taken with ACP of one particular star, KIC 9832227, on 165 different nights over four years. We combined those data with earlier data from the Kepler spacecraft and other sources to make the case this star is likely on a death spiral that will lead to a red nova explosion (and possibly a naked eye nova) in 2022! It is a big claim to make, and hence the need for such an extended set of data to justify it.

The paper (a bit technical) can be found at or

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Thanks, Bob!

Larry Molnar
Calvin College