Dear forum members

Our camera supports vertical and horizontal binning. So, we can set the X Binning and Y Binning parameter in MaxIm DL's expose tab to values between 1 and 16. However, the binning directive in the ACP obs plans allows only one integer value, e.g. "#binning 1" or "#binning 2". I assume they correspond to 1x1 and 2x2 binning, respectively. Is this correct?

And how can we set an Y Binning different from X Binning, e.g. 1x2 binning, within an ACP obs plan? Something like “#Binning 1x2” is currently not supported by ACP.

More generally: How does the ACP binning factor relate to the MaxIm DL X and X Binning parameters?

Many thanks for your help!
Marco for the Stellarium Gornergrat Team