So we are running ACP 7.1 and Sheduler 3.6
We had a computer crash 6 month's ago at our remote site, beginning of Jan. I rebuild a W10 system (partly from the crashed disk), all seems to work but 2 items not. One however is really annoying ... sheduler starts imaging even with the sun still up ...

As soon as object reaches the required altitude, the sheduler goes.
I checked that site settings in ACP are correct and in sheduler I've set sun -12 degrees with 60 minutes before for dusk flats ... even -14 it just fires off with sun above horizon.

In ACP the correct UTC time is displayed, in the sheduler time is greyed out and points to december 2014 I guess that was when we commissioned the system and is not really the issue.
Maybe I skipped some trivial config file that was corrupted and is not fully functional.

I did a clean install of W10 and moved from the old disk the previous installation with PC Lan mover, reinstalled ACP and scheduler, found my settings, but some parts where not all migrated ...
As mentioned, if I manually start sheduler at the wright time all goes well. (other issue is that blind solve during image run does not work but the findlostscope does, the issue being that during image run it can't find the image to solve to feed astrometry, while manually launching script does, but lets not focus on that ...)

EDIT: also strange, when I enable the scheduler it wil always startup obs even though it is far off needed so something is wrong, as if scheduler has no clue of sun position ...

Kind Regards,
Yves & Jeffrey