There are likely several problems. The scheduler definitely knows about Sun position ha ha. But... I am guessing that it is running in Simulation mode or Day/Night mode. Probably Simulation. Probably because there is something wrong in the installation. If Scheduler can't communicate with ACP it will switch to Simulation mode. You will see an error message pop up and also if you view the Scheduler Log (Scheduler Menu, View log...) you should see errors. Post that log here and I will analyze. Look at the mode, it should be Normal(ACP Sequencer). I am guessing though because some of those features may be newer than your version.

Kind Regards,
Yves & Jeffrey
A separate issue: I can only find you in the database as a PinPoint customer. Plus that license is expired for support (I am guessing that's why you posted here in the Forum Help section instead of the Scheduler section... which you can't see :-)). Is "Jeffrey" Jeffrey Jongmans? If so then his Scheduler license is very old and no longer current for support either.

I will take care of this ticket once, but going forward you will need to have a current support subscription, and that comes with a year of upgrades as well. This eliminates my need to (re-)solve old problems that have been fixed in newer versions.