This window

indicates that your FocusMax 3.4.40 installation has been damaged, and that Windows is trying to do a repair. However it cannot find the FocusMax 3.4.40 installer MSI file so it can't repair it. When this appears, use the Browse... button to locate that installer file and once you do, and click OK, Windows will complete the repair of FocusMax.

Once this is done, no doubt you'll run into some other issues but this is a start. I shoould point out that nothing in the MaxIm Observatory Control window should be connected/active to anything at least while using ACP. If you use MaxIm by itself and use the Obs Control, then once you get that set up save the Configuration (File menu, Configurations...). Then when you're going to use ACP, change MaxIm so the Observatory control is totally inactive (nothing set to auto-connect period). Now if you are guiding via the mount and not guider cables, then you should use ASCOM Direct (see below, and this is described in ACP help) to prevent MaxIm's Observatory Control from doing GEM flip changes to guiding and thus fighting ACP's GEM flip management.