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    Default ACP Log Analyzer - Seeking ideas for enhancements

    I've made several attempts to contact Russell Archer through different channels. So far none have been successful. It appears that the project is abandoned, however the source code remains available.

    Now trying to move the ACP Log Analyzer code so it compiles on the latest VS Community platform.

    Happy to consider enhancement requests.

    I have one other programmer interested in taking a look at this. Main issue now is changing a graphics library.

    Also happy to hear from Mr Archer should this not be abandoned code. I've no desire to step on toes, just really like the project and would like to see it maintained and enhanced.


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    Hi Dave,

    Reply address: This was from a message he sent me 6-1/2 years ago. I don't know if it's a valid one anymore, but you might try connecting directly with him using this address, if you haven't already.

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    Thanks. I've tried that and Bob tried too. I did just try again.

    He has a twitter account, but I've avoided tweeting. Hopefully he'll see some of this.

    Any chance you've located version 1.32 code?

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    I've pinged him via Twitter, will let you guys know if I hear back. He also has this site:

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    Thanks, I just heard from Mr Archer. He's given me the latest code and indicates that we are good to continue enhancing his program.



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