Hi Bob!
I use Autoslew (from ASA) with ACP. Autoslew has several commands:
The Ascom "Action" command can be used to send a teleport command to opencovers.
Actionname = "Telescope: OpenCover", Actionparameters = ""
The same with the closing of covers.
Actionname = "Telescope: CloseCover", Actionparameters = ""
The same goes for the fans:
Actionname = "Telescope: StartFans", Actionparameters = "Fanspeed"
With FanSpeed = 1, ...., 10
Actionname = "Telescope: StopFans", Actionparameters = ""
The same for turning on the engine
ActionName = "Telescope.MotorOn" Actionparameter = ""
Switch off the engine
ActionName = "Telescope.MotorOff" Actionparameter = ""

Which methods or properties (similar to these commands) can I use in ACP scripts (js)?
Or can this be done by calling these commands in ACP script ?
Do I need to use an ACSOM object?