ACP has the ASCOM telescope hub, which may be used in ACP scripts by referring to Telescope. Once you connect ACP to your (Autoslew) mount, you can call the standard ASCOM command Telescope.Action(command, parameter) just like you do when talking to the Autoslew itself. So in a JScript running in the ACP console, copying from the commands you list above, here is a simple ACP script to open the cover. Create this CoverOpen.js in Notepad. Connect ACP to the AutoSlew and verify that the RA/Dec etc displays are alive. Then run CoverOpen.js in the ACP console.

function main()
    Telescope.Action("Telescope: OpenCover", "");

This should work, and show you how to use the others in your scripts. I might not have the syntax right, I just copied it from your message.

PS: Your support is expired since last October, so I think that is why you are posting in the Planner section :-) Are you still working for "that company K-M"? If so they should contact us.