Hi Bob,
Thanks for offering to look into our problem with one of the systems in the AAVSO telescope network (Arne H. asked me to look into this and thus gave me access).
We are running (remotely) ACP Expert Scheduler (newest version) with MaximDL, Focusmax and an SBIG ST8 camera. Operations get sometimes (not always) stuck after downloading images with exposure times of less than 2 seconds. The downloading bar in the MaximDL window is full, but everything appears to be frozen. "Stopping" the exposure in MaximDL does not let operation continue. "Aborting" in ACP typically seem to force continuation with the next plan/scheduler target.

You asked for "post an ACP run log (not the scheduler engine log)", so that you can have a look at that. Where would I find that, or do I have to invoke some settings in "preferences" of ACP Obs Control (e.g.under "debugging") to create the log?