Hi Bob

OK, sorry for the inconvenience especially as this is not my observatory but the Win 10 laptop I have been using to test out updating to ACP 8.1.1 and MaxIm DL 6.13. Everything seemed to be working OK until this plan issue suddenly appeared. Fortunately because it is my Win 10 laptop you will be able to login, I have wireless network issues in my observatory so I will be installing an ethernet cable from the house to the observatory to fix that issue. I need to feel confident that all is well with 8.1.1 and 6.13 before I bite the bullet and update my observatory computer.

However, back to the current Planner issue, could we do it tomorrow evening [Thursday] at 1800 [6pm] UK time, my telephone number is UK+44 1556 610635. One interesting thing is I launched the web server and ran the plan from there and it it worked fine just like when I ran Acquire.js in the console and selected the plan, it may of course not be relevant to the issue that I cannot save and run a plan directly from Planner.

I will wait to hear from you and as always the support is much appreciated.