I have an EQ8 mount in a Sirius Home (2.3m) Observatory Dome with MaxDome II and EQMOD control.

If a plan completes successfully, the dome shutdown completes normally with no errors. However, if the default weather safety script operates the following error appears:

Weather Safety... script initiated
...scope is connected, parking now
**SHUTTER FAILED TO CLOSE! This is a dome controller problem**
**Error: Shutter error or shutter still in motion**
...scope is parked
The Shutter error is displayed almost immediately after the "scope if connected, parking now" line is displayed. The error appears in the console (and on screen web log) but not in the saved logs.

The Dome Control option "Close and park/home dome after scope is parked by script" is selected.

Using POTH in series, there are no errors shown in the POTH trace. Dome ShutterStatus changes from Open, to Closing, then eventually to Closed. On all occasions, the shutter does actually close properly as well (but a minute or so after the error message appears).

I have referred to other threads such as this without luck:


Any suggestions? This occurred with both the previous and latest update version of ACP (8.1.1).