Hi Bob,
Thanks for the info. I completely understand your position about having to deal with everyone's flaky hardware/drivers etc. I've sent an email to Priscilla about an astrohave driver. We have 4 of their domes now, it would be nice to have a proper driver.

I have reinstalled the 2009 french driver but the problem persists. I am trying to think of a way to get back on sky asap, the new driver route might take some time.

Is it possible to run ACP with no dome? I have my own weather daemon that feeds the weather info to ACP (mimicking a boltwood sensor). This code could (and in the past, pre-ACP, did) close the dome for an older telescope we had in there, during bad weather etc. I've not tried yet, but would ACP be happy with no dome installed? This is probably non-standard, but maybe some amateurs use ACP with tripod mounted scopes in their yard?

Thanks again for your advice!