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    Talking AuthorMerge Utility

    I have built a first cut at a utility BrewAuthorMerge to merge a backed up ACP author file (containing user modifications) with the basic ACP author file installed as part of the update.

    I tend to a) put off doing the manual merge when I update ACP, and b) forget exactly how I did it, or mess up the merge when I do it manually. Hopefully this will do the merge for me

    I would humbly ask people with modified author files to:

    a) try the utility and see if it crashes, does things wrong, etc. This is my beta test - I created a few author files for testing, but that is kind of hard. I expect I have not thought of clever things other people are doing to their author files. If it crashes / has problems, please send me an email and attach your modified author file so I can fix/enhance...

    Note that running the utility itself does not impact your system at all, assuming you save the merged output as something other than author.html. It is only when you bring the new author.html into the ACP authoring system to generate index.asp that you might wish you had backed up the original author/index file pair.

    b) If you are not inclined to spend time trying the utility, please just send me a copy of your author file so I can test it myself. I need a bank of representative test files.

    My email is eridanibrew at gmail dot com, or you can send a private message through the forum.

    The help file discusses a couple of caveats with doing the merge. Possibly most significant - at the moment I do not expect modifications to the code; basically I just merge the tiddlers and the MainMenu. Do people modify the code itself?

    The attached setup file will install the program and help file. Thanks for looking at it,

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