I have updated our ACP to the latest license (I just realized this still reflected the licence that expired in 2015, new one is good until Mar 2017, we plan on continuing the annual mantainance as well). The upgrade to ACP license went without any issues.

However, when I went to do the same thing for ACP Scheduler it looks like the original install was done using a network drive at Prospect High School, where the Log files were located on a specific teachers mapped network drive. This network drive had failed and has since been replaced - these files are not available any longer. Here is the error:

What should I do?
  • Is there a config file or regedit I need to re-direct to another location and create a dummy file?
  • Should I uninstall the ACP Scheduler and re-install?
  • Can I get a version of ACP scheduler that matches our current ACP V7?

Also I guess a bigger question - a bit longer than above:

You may recall PHS Observatory has been defunct for nearly 9 years. I started refurbishing the observatory about 2 years ago (upgrading all HW; Sirus dome control, USB/Serial Interfaces, new PC, updated SW etc so it all matches and is current). It's all working on V. 7.0.

Since original defunct condition happened due to upgrade PC software, I'm a bit leery on moving to 8.11 ACP and Scheduler software - SHOULD I HESITATE?

Even if I decide to upgrade to 8.11 will I need to fix the ACP Scheduler issue/license update before upgrading?

I know its a lot of questions, but I've read on the forum that there are particular issues that occur when you don't follow correct procedures on upgrade paths.

Thanks for your help.